Yaz Acne

Yaz Acne

What is Yaz?

Yaz, an amalgamation of ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone, is contraceptive pills. It is a prescription drug that is given to women who want to achieve contraception. It uniquely helps to stop the conception. It does so by making changes within the reproductive tract of the female that prevents the sperm to enter the uterus and combine with the egg. Moreover, it affects ovulation and does not allow the release of egg, necessary for fertilization and conception. This medicine has also been approved to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) as well as acne. It is the product of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and they presently holds the patents that put a stop to any other pharmaceutical from synthesizing Yaz especially in the US. Though, Yaz is a good drug that possesses numerous benefits, yet its one side effect commonly named as Yaz acne is somewhat annoying. We will discuss about it in detail. Since, this medicine is also recommended for treatment of acne, so we will see how it treats acne and how it can lead to acne formation among its users.

Yaz Indication for Acne

Yaz is usually indicated for the management of moderate form of acne vulgaris in women. These women should be at least 14 years of age to become able to use this drug. Below this age, the use of Yaz is contraindicated. It is usually for those girls who have achieved menarche and have no such contraindications. It may become a best solution in those women who at the same time want to achieve birth control in addition to their acne management. In such women, Yaz acts 2 in 1 and provides double benefits.

Other Yaz Benefits

Not only acne and birth controlling are the functions of Yaz, Yaz is also beneficial for the premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). This disorder takes place prior to menstruation begins and patient feels quite low and irritated. Yaz has shown to successfully treat this disorder too. By using it, it can effectively control the symptoms of PMS and PMDD such as instability of mood, anxiety, irritability, breast tenderness, increased appetite, headache, swelling, etc.

Also, the birth control Yaz claims to be superior to other birth control pills. Its manufacturer states that Yaz has very low fertility rate.

Yaz acneHow Yaz Works To Treat Acne?

Yaz for the treatment of moderate form of treatment has been approved by the FDA. The manufacturer of Yaz i.e. Bayer HealthCare says that Yaz composition that is to say drospirenone is responsible for blocking the hormone responsible for Yaz acne. This hormone is androgen, also known as male sex hormones. The androgen hormone evokes the sebaceous glands to produce sebum which is natural oil that works to keep the skin soft and water-resistant. Thus under androgen excess oily sebum builds up in the follicle. As it reaches up to the hair shaft and gets mixed with bacteria of the normal skin in addition to the dead follicular skin cells. These dead cells get clogged and result in pimples formation. The substance in Yaz targets this androgen to treat acne. In fact, drospirenone acts as an anti-androgen to combat the high levels and therefore prevents androgen from causing acne.

Types of Acne Yaz Treats

As also mentioned, Yaz is basically for moderate form of acne; the particular acne it treats is the acne vulgaris. The acne vulgaris is a skin condition which is manifested by scaly red skin, whiteheads and blackheads. Usually it affects teenagers and so acne is most common in them. Yaz can be taken by the teenagers who have achieved menarche. Bear in mind, it is not for those girls who have not yet started menstruating. Other forms of acne Yaz can treat are numerous. Yaz enables people to get rid of stubborn body acne. It can help to eradicate cystic acne. Cystic acne is the serious forms of acne vulgaris which is characterized by the deep, inflamed breakouts. These blackouts can take place on the face or different other parts of the body. Moreover, with its use it leads to skin to achieve a good glow. Skin being free of acne becomes radiant.

Yaz Blessing or Curse

Well, Yaz claims to correct acne related problems. Not only a contraceptive pill, it helps a woman to treat her acne as well. If we see it is a blessing particularly for those women who want to get rid of their acne as well as want to achieve contraception. Furthermore, all females with acne feel low and their confidence also decreases. They avoid going in the parties or in the social gathering because of their acne. Acne affects self esteem and can lead to serious depression. If Yaz is helping to prevent such problems by eradicating acne, then it is a real blessing. It can help females to gain their confidence back.

Dose Yaz Aggravate Acne?

Though, acne is well-known and therapeutically prepared to treat acne and has shown to affectively control it, yet many women claims that Yaz has aggravated their acne. They say that after using Yaz they feel appearance of more pimples. Some women have said that Yaz has worsened their skin condition. It is however not known whether the evidence present is true or false.

Different Side Effects of Acne

It is necessary to be acquainted about the Yaz side effects. Some of the side effects are serious and some are of minor nature. The most obvious side effect is the vaginal bleeding but it occurs for a few weeks and then settles. Other less serious adverse effects are breast tenderness, depression, hair loss, tiredness, hypertension, fatigue, weight gain, increased appetite and cholestatic jaundice. Many other Yaz side effects include nausea, melasma, edema, hypertension, headache and breast tenderness. The serious side effects are pulmonary embolism, disease of the gall bladder, cardiovascular disease and even stroke. Yaz is also associated with heart attacks. But these side effects are rarely encountered to some susceptible people. If you have a risk of pulmonary embolism or any cardiovascular disease, you better avoid it. The risk of acquiring such side effects is higher during the initial period of using Yaz¬†and they subsequently decrease with the passage of time. The serious side effects need to be…

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  1. Beatrice July 18, 2014 at 4:06 pm Reply

    I have been taking Yaz pills for 1 week now. It is my first time to take pills ever. My purpose of taking it is for my acne treatment. My ob-gyne advice me to take Yaz because the appearance of my pimples were not that good anymore. Before taking the pills,my pimples were just small in size. Like rashes. But after a 2 days of pill intake,I noticed that there are a new appearance of pimples and my God they were big in size and so red. I was alarmed. It appears in my forehead and now in my chin. I felt more ugly. Do I need to stop taking the pills? Or maybe these are just a normal/initial reaction of the pills? And eventually later on,it will cure my acne problem. Please help. I need a serious advice whether to discontinue or push through with it. My self confidence now are very low and it saddens me more.

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