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Side Effects of Birth Control Pills: 

Birth control pills are the pills that are specially designed for preventing pregnancy. They also have number of other useful pharmacological effects. But the main purpose for which they are used is the controlling of unwanted pregnancies. Their success rate of preventing unwanted pregnancy is quite higher. Birth control pills are therefore also named as oral contraceptive pills. They are composed of different hormones. Some are combination of hormones or some comprise only a single hormone.
The hormones present in these pills are mainly estrogen and progesterone. These pills work to prevent the ovulation and at the same time make the cervical mucous thick. This prevents the sperm to enter people who use these pills experience unwanted side effects. In reality, majority of women easily tolerate these pills. If adverse effects do take place, mostly, they are minor in nature and either need treatment or no treatment. But don’t panic, these side effects are easily treated by your healthcare provider.
It is must that you use these pills only after your doctor’s advice. If your doctor advises you to use them, then you can opt for them. In case your doctor does not recommend their use, you should avoid them.

Common Side Effects of All Birth Control Pills

Based on information existing, a few of the common side effects of all the birth control pill comprise but are not restricted to:


Headache, Breast Tenderness and Dizziness

These problems may occur initially and will go away after you’ve been using birth control pills.  All women need to show a little patience here.


Side Effects of Birth Control PillsNausea/ Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are also go away in a couple of months. In case these still exit, then you should take a birth control pill with food. You can also go for some other options i.e. switch to some other methods. Use the patch or a ring.

Abnormal Bleeding

This is the main side effect that may drive the ladies crazier than any other adverse effect. It is said that if women suffering from bleeding take pills at specifically the same time daily, then it may help. It is also necessary that you should consult your doctor if bleeding is continuous.

Mood Swings

This is also a common problem with all the pills and some women may even experience depression. Usually this depression does not settle by changing the pill, it is better to use an antidepressant along with a birth control pill.

Decreased Libido

Different birth pills may even cause decrease in libido in women using them. The reason is simple. These pills act directly on your sexual hormones. These inhibit the synthesis and release of hormones and affect the sexual drive.

Weight Gain

It is the most common problem with almost all the birth control pills especially those pills having estrogen in them. But some recent researches have shown that new birth control pills do not cause gain in weight, instead help the body to maintain the body weight. The increase in weight is more in woman whose age is above 35 years, diabetic and smoker.

Different Other Potential Side Effects

There are many other side effects that are reported with the use of birth control pills. These may however occur in only a few women and are not constant. Though occur infrequently, but they can be potentially serious and require immediate medical intervention. These should be reported instantly to the healthcare provider. These comprise but are not restricted to:


It is a headache that usually involves the one side of the head. It can or cannot be associated with nausea, blurring of vision and other problems. A little number of women using birth control pills may experience it. Don’t worry there are many ways to treat and prevent it.

Heavy Vaginal Bleeding

Other major side effect of all birth control pills is the occurrence of heavy vaginal bleeding between the periods. It is abnormal and can be lethal. Therefore, you must consult a doctor if you experience constant abnormal and heavy bleeding.


In other words, it is the raise in normal blood pressure. It can also take place in some ladies using birth control pills. If you are already a patient of hypertension, then you should tell your health care provider about it before using these pills.

High Risk of Clot formation (Deep venous thrombosis)

This is the most tension causing side effect of all the birth control pills. Here thrombosis or clot formation occurs and lead to obstruction. This clot can detach from its…

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  1. Rene September 1, 2013 at 3:51 am Reply

    I have been taking loestrin 24/fe for almost 2 years. Ever since i have been taking this birth control I have not had my period. My mood swings are severe, my abdominal area is swollen and distorted and I have been experiencing chest pains and pains in my legs if I sit for an extended period of time. I also have no sex drive what so ever. I was just going to call by obgyn when I no later received a letter in the mail notifying me that the manufacture was no longer manufacturing this birth control.

    I was besides myself and came to the conclusion that this may have been the ABSOLUTE cause of all my health ailments.

    What is the real reason why this product has been discontinued? I would like to know more details please. I have decided on my own to never take any oral birth control ever again…

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