Estrogen Side Effects | Side Effects Of Estrogen

Estrogen Side Effects | Side Effects Of Estrogen

Before discussing the side effects of estrogen, you may wonder: what is estrogen?

Estrogen is the naturally occurring steroid hormones of the human body. It is purely a female sex hormone since it helps in reproduction and maintenance of pregnancy. It performs different other functions in our body. It is especially needed for a female body. It works on the endometrial lining of the uterus and prepares it to implant the fertilized egg. It works to increase the bone formation and decreases the bone resorption. It is very much indispensable for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in females. It should be present during reproductive years of a female life. Estrogen is manufactured primarily by the ovaries. The anterior pituitary, a part of our brain, causes the release of estrogen from the ovaries. Different other organs also produce estrogen in our body but in a smaller amount. These sources include liver, breasts and adrenal glands. These sources become important when women enter into the menopause. Fat cells also supply a small amount of estrogen to the body. This also throws light on a fact that those women who are overweight or underweight are more prone to develop infertility.

For fertility, the normal balance of estrogen level is necessary. Overload or shortage of this hormone has an adverse affect on the fertility.
Synthetic estrogen is also used to treat different problems. The main use of this estrogen is in the birth control pills. Estrogen can be taken orally or in the form of an injection, patch, etc. Oral estrogen side effects are also not similar to other estrogen forms side effects. Estrogen birth control pills are highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Estrogen is also given in the phase of menopause when its level gets diminished. Though estrogen possesses many beneficial effects yet sometimes it can create problems. Estrogen side effects are also numerous besides its useful effects on our body.

Estrogen Side Effects Short-term Estrogen Side Effects

Some of the side effects of estrogen occur only for a time being and can be easily settled after a few days to week. These are as follow; while some may be minor in nature and some may be serious requiring a quick medical notice.

Vaginal Bleeding or Spotting

This is the most annoying adverse effect of the estrogen. This hormone usually leads to problem of bleeding in between periods. Spotting is also seen due to its use. Estrogen containing birth control pills have reportedly led to vaginal inflammation and dryness. This further promotes discharge, itching and even a greater risk of vaginal yeast infections.

Breast Related Problems

Estrogen may cause breast tenderness i.e. soreness and pain on touching the brain. Sometimes in a few people it may…

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