Side Effects of Birth Control Pills – Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills: 

Birth control pills are the pills that are specially designed for preventing pregnancy. They also have number of other useful pharmacological effects. But the main purpose for which they are used is the controlling of unwanted pregnancies. Their success rate of preventing unwanted pregnancy is quite higher. Birth control pills are therefore also named as oral contraceptive pills. They are composed of different hormones. Some are combination of hormones or some comprise only a single hormone.
The hormones present in these pills are mainly estrogen and progesterone. These pills work to prevent the ovulation and at the same time make the cervical mucous thick. This prevents the sperm to enter people who use these pills experience unwanted side effects. In reality, majority of women easily tolerate these pills. If adverse effects do take place, mostly, they are minor in nature and either need treatment or no treatment. But don’t panic, these side effects are easily treated by your healthcare provider.
It is must that you use these pills only after your doctor’s advice. If your doctor advises you to use them, then you can opt for them. In case your doctor does not recommend their use, you should avoid them.

Common Side Effects of All Birth Control Pills

Based on information existing, a few of the common side effects of all the birth control pill comprise but are not restricted to:


Headache, Breast Tenderness and Dizziness

These problems may occur initially and will go away after you’ve been using birth control pills.  All women need to show a little patience here. (more…)

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

Many people at some stage of their life suffer from a problem of hair loss. This problem is common to all from male to female and from old to young. This is indeed a grave matter and it can be the consequence of numerous factors and reasons. There are many ways for hair loss prevention but we need to know which suits our hair best. For this, it is imperative to know the reasons of hair fall. Sometimes, people own lifestyles lead them to lose their hair. It is however important to know that on average we daily loss around 50 to 100 hairs. This is just hair go through their cycles, and new hair grow to replace the fallen one. Sometimes, this hair fall rate increases and may be an indication of a more serious medical condition that requires an assessment by a dermatologist and likely treatment. So, it is important for the people to keep in check whether they are suffering from high rate of hair fall. It then becomes essential for them to visit a doctor to get some advice.  (more…)

Yaz Acne

Yaz Acne

What is Yaz?

Yaz, an amalgamation of ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone, is contraceptive pills. It is a prescription drug that is given to women who want to achieve contraception. It uniquely helps to stop the conception. It does so by making changes within the reproductive tract of the female that prevents the sperm to enter the uterus and combine with the egg. Moreover, it affects ovulation and does not allow the release of egg, necessary for fertilization and conception. This medicine has also been approved to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) as well as acne. It is the product of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and they presently holds the patents that put a stop to any other pharmaceutical from synthesizing Yaz especially in the US. Though, Yaz is a good drug that possesses numerous benefits, yet its one side effect commonly named as Yaz acne is somewhat annoying. We will discuss about it in detail. Since, this medicine is also recommended for treatment of acne, so we will see how it treats acne and how it can lead to acne formation among its users.

Yaz Indication for Acne

Yaz is usually indicated for the management of moderate form of acne vulgaris in women. These women should be at least 14 years of age to become able to use this drug. (more…)


Yaz Lawsuit Settlements Information

At the present time, more than three thousand five hundred Yaz lawsuit settlements have been distributed by Bayer to the sufferers of foremost complications occasioning from the drug. The speed of those lawsuit settlement suggestions continues to escalate as more and more associations are discovered among the serious side effects and the usage of Yaz for birth control resolutions, PMDD cure, or even acne preclusion in today’s young ladies. With the growing pace and regularity of Yaz lawsuit settlement agreements coming from Bayer, the time to file a Yaz lawsuit has never been better before. Those who have underwent from health complications, abridged earning potential, and other handicaps, are obliged to get themselves in touch with an authorized professional who can transfer the process along and demonstrate the case most powerfully to judges who will decide in favor of the long sufferer.

Bayer’s 1.6 Million Budget Yaz Lawsuits Settlement

On February 28, 2013, Bayer proclaimed that it had set aside $1.6 billion for Yaz lawsuit settlements and legal expenditures in 2012. This amount is to be used to settle down (more…)



What is YAZ?

Yaz is a contraceptive pill created to preclude pregnancy. Yaz’s main ingredient is Drospirenone, which is an artificial hormone that obstructs ovulation. Nonetheless, birth control pill that comprises of Drospirenone can also escalate the amount of potassium in the body to hazardously high levels. Some of the side effects of Yaz are migraine, pain in breast, nausea, and leg pain. The hormone can also source shortness of breath, sightlessness, chest ache, and numbness in arms or legs. The reason behind these side effects are the quantity of Drospirenone found in Yaz, this medicine has been found to reason blood clots more than other types of birth control pills. Yaz blood clots consequence in pulmonary embolism, which is the theoretically fatal clogging of the main arteries of the heart. It can also lead to heart-attack, coma, stroke, permanent loss of sight, and death. Yaz birth control tablets are mass-produced by Bayer AG and are available only when prescribed by a physician. Hazards of the serious birth control side effects can be 2 to 3 times greater due to the synthetic hormone which is why numerous people are pursuing legal action and filing a Yaz lawsuit.

Effects of Potassium Levels Raised By Yaz

Yaz birth control is not only believed to be responsible for the cardiac arrhythmia in consumers but also is a major reason of blood clotting and gall bladder disease. Now an arrhythmia is basically a disturbance of the heart’s normal rhythm that can end up in heart attack. Drospirenone has been related with raised potassium levels in the blood and raised potassium levels (more…)

Yaz Recall


Yaz Recall Information

Yasmin and Yaz birth control were FDA approved in the year 2001 and 2006, and sold by the German drug corporation Bayer as the “4th generation” birth control substitutes. They were promoted as a birth control pills with inadequate PMS (premenstrual syndrome), swelling, and bad skin. Even though Yaz and Yasmin have been taken by billions of women, many criticizers are now shouting for a Yaz recall due to welfare concerns. Lately, drug safety specialists have discovered that the artificial hormone used in Yaz and Yasmin Drospirenone, can uplift the quantity of potassium in blood. This may be connected to severe side effects, comprising:

Yaz Blood Clots

Yaz Blood Clots

What is Yaz?

Yaz is an orally taken birth control or contraceptive pill that has gained popularity among women as it keeps them safe from the risk of getting pregnant. It is made up of two compounds, mainly hormones named as Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone. These hormones are though naturally formed inside our body but to formulate this drug, these are formed synthetically. Beside Yaz’s birth control benefits, it is loaded with numerous other women health benefits such as it can be used to treat problems related to menstruation as well as mild form of acne. So this drug may provide you 3 in 1 benefits. This is the reason behinds it’s too much popularity. No doubt, Yaz has so many benefits, yet this drug holds a potential to threaten your life. Early on, Yaz pill was recognized as the contraceptive for healthy young women who were prepared to welcome their trendy and stylish side. At present, it’s identified as the pill that can kill hale and hearty young women. This killing is attributed to Yaz blood clots formation side effect. It has been associated to increase the possibility of developing blood clots (thromboses) among its customers. Drospirenone is the synthetic progestin substance that can boost the levels of potassium within the body.

Problems with Yaz Use

Yaz has been linked to a variety of adverse outcomes in its users. These outcomes are usually the result of overuse or may occur in some of the susceptible individuals. Many women who use it moderately may remain safe. But exceptions may occur and Yaz can lead to grave problems. The main problems associated with its use include: (more…)